Why list with UNIQATION?

Currently in beta testing. Not all functions work 100% and booking currently unavailable. However, feel free to click around. For comments or questions contact us here.


Why list with UNIQATION?

The benefits for our suppliers on UNIQATION are as follows:


We offer the different vendors the possibility to optimise their full utilisation in their low seasons, by providing them to sell on UNIQATION as an additional platform.

Many vendors do not have an active sales team that sells the location, and even if this is the case, our platform can nevertheless seize the opportunity to win unknown customers and further increase the utilisation of the location.

Being visible on UNIQATION also means, that our suppliers are boosting their marketing presence, which is free of charge.

Ultimately, the terms and conditions of the provider apply at all times. UNIQATION does not give any specifications or prices.